As the department of International Business of national university of science (including graduate program), we have a responsibility and an obligation to the students, school and society. Our educational objectives are stated below:

1. Possess problem-solving skills.
Historically, Taiwan was a society comprised of immigrants. Immigrants in Taiwan always faced challenges in an unknown environment. In the past, there were three major phases of immigration, the Zheng Chenggong period, Japanese Colonial Rule and the period of the ROC government restarting into Taiwan. Nowadays, Taiwanese people emigrate to USA, Australia or New Zealand and foreign spouses immigrate to Taiwan as well. There are also millions of Taiwanese business people around the world facing international competitors. In this dynamic and ever-changing international society, international business has to move with the flow of political and economic situations, marketing changes, and financial fluxes. Therefore, the expectation is that our students develop themselves to adapt and solve problems in the international business field.

2. Foster a sense of integrity in students.
The course plan, teacher engagement and other schooling related behaviors of our department are oriented towards training and fostering students to be cosmopolitan, practical, sociable and well-behaved and show respect to life and a willingness to serve people in society.

3. Convey a sense of passion and innovation within students.
When we face the unknown and the change in the environment, the most important of all is to unearth problems and solve them accordingly. Through our innovative thinking and professional abilities, we create solutions that do not follow the traditional route of thinking. Our students are trained with the ability to develop new and unconventional solutions to problems in every sector of the business world.